Republic of San Marino grows its blockchain committee with appointment of AmaZix tokenomics expert

Republic of San Marino grows its blockchain committee with appointment of AmaZix tokenomics expert
San Marino, the tiny enclave in North Italy is the latest country committing to blockchain innovation. Its latest rules around blockchain regulation were ratified by the San Marino Government last week. The Republic of San Marino sees its small size as an advantage- the progressive government can now offer regulatory certainty and a legal framework for companies working in blockchain – as demonstrated by the decree just issued.
The Government has given the state-owned company, San Marino Innovation, responsibility as its blockchain Regulatory Authority. San Marino Innovation is building a committee of world-class advisors to create a hub of blockchain innovation.
The committee is looking at the regulatory issues, and the consequent legislation that has to be enacted in order to welcome businesses in the sector. With the results of its work, it will form a framework for those who want to develop the digital ledger technology within the Republic’s perimeter, incubating startups and attracting joint corporate innovation projects.
To bolster its efforts, it has appointed José Maria Macedo as its tokenomics expert. José currently works at the crypto advisory firm, AmaZix, where he holds the position of head of advisory.
Sergio Mottola, President of San Marino Innovation, said: “San Marino is ideally placed to become a global blockchain hub. By nurturing this disruptive technology, The Republic wants to become a leading country in blockchain technology, backed by favourable regulation and legislation that attracts and incubates innovative startups, as well as enterprise companies which wish to trial digital ledger technology, creating an environment in which their digital economy ideas can thrive.
“We have sought global experts to help build our vision, and we are pleased to add José Maria Macedo, partner at AmaZix, to the committee as our tokenomics expert, and to advise on blockchain regulation and policy.”
José Maria Macedo, Partner and Head of Advisory at AmaZix, said: “It’s an honour to have been selected to join the committee of San Marino Innovation. With the backing of the Government of the Republic, it is building an ecosystem that will attract the best blockchain businesses from around the world and secure San Marino’s place as a leading global blockchain hub.”
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